TSP Forms and Booklets

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TSP 1 Election Form To start, stop, or change contributions to the TSP through your agency.
TSP 1C Catch-Up Contribution Election For participants age 50 or older to start, stop, or change catch-up contributions to the TSP.
TSP 3 Designation of Beneficiary To name a person or persons to receive your account balance after your death.
TSP 9 Change in Address for Separated Participant To change your address after you have separated from federal service.  May also be done using My Account with your TSP Account Number and Web password. 
TSP 16 Exception to Spousal Requirements to request an exception to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) spouse notice and signature requirements.
TSP 17 Information Relating to Deceased Participant To provide information to the TSP about potential beneficiary(ies) of a deceased participant's account.
TSP 20 Loan Application To request a general purpose or residential TSP loan.
TSP 60 Request for a Transfer into the TSP Request to have an amount transferred or rolled over into the TSP from an IRA or another eligible plan.
TSP 70 Request for Full Withdrawal For separated participants to request a full withdrawal.
TSP 75 Age Based In-Service Withdrawal Request For participants age 59½ or older to request an age-based withdrawal while still employed.
TSP 77 Request for Partial Withdrawal When Separated For separated participants to request a withdrawal of part of an account.
TSP BK 02 Withdrawing Your TSP Account After Leaving Federal Service A booklet about a participant's options for withdrawing his or her TSP account after leaving service.
TSP BK 30 Managing Your TSP Account A compact guide that provides information about the TSP and how to manage your account.
TSP BK 04 Loans A booklet about the TSP loan program, the two types of loans that are available, and the rules that apply.
TSP BK 08 Summary of the Thrift Savings Plan A comprehensive booklet explaining the TSP, its features and benefits, and generally how it works.
TSP BK 12 In-Service Withdrawals A booklet about the TSP in-service withdrawal program, the two types of in-service withdrawals, and the rules that apply to each.
TSP BK 11 Court Orders and Powers of Attorney A booklet for a participant and his or her attorney that explains actions the TSP must take if a court order is received and how court orders affect a participant’s account.