Retirement Forms
Retirement Forms & Applications







Application for Immediate Retirement   Apply for CSRS or FERS retirement. (Do not use for deferred benefits.)   SF 2801 SF 3107
Certified Summary of Federal Service   Record of creditable service; agency completes, but employee must sign.      
Spouse’s Consent to Survivor Election   Spouse must provide notarized consent to less than full or no survivor benefit.      
Election of Former Spouse Survivor
Annuity or Combination
Current/Former Spouse Annuity
Application to Make Service Credit Payment   To pay civilian deposits, include with retirement application or pay at least 6 months prior to retirement.   SF 2803 SF 3108
Military Service Deposit Election   Election of payment of post-56 military service deposit used at retirement.   OPM 1515 OPM 1515
Designation of Beneficiary   Change beneficiary of lump-sum CSRS or FERS retirement contributions.   SF 2808 SF 3102
Designation of Beneficiary   Beneficiary to Receive any unpaid compensation   SF 1152 SF 1152
Unpaid Compensation of Deceased   (final paycheck and annual leave)      
Civilian Employee      
Designation of Beneficiary   FEGLI beneficiary designation.   SF 2823 SF 2823
Designation of Beneficiary   TSP beneficiary designation.   TSP 3 TSP 3
Continuation of Life Insurance   Elect continuation of basic life insurance and optional coverage.   SF 2818 SF 2818
Agency Certification of Insurance Status (FEGLI)   Agency’s responsibility. Transfers coverage of life insurance from employment to retirement status.   SF 2821 SF 2821
Request for Full Withdrawal   To withdraw funds, mail to TSP service center no earlier than 30 days after separation.   TSP 70 TSP 70
Request for Partial Withdrawal When Separated   Allows separated participants to elect a one-time partial withdrawal of $1,000 or more.   TSP 77 TSP 77
Voluntary Contributions Election   Refund or transfer account funds for CSRS ONLY.   RI 38-125 N/A
Direct Deposit Enrollment   Retirement benefit checks are deposited electronically to a financial institution.   SF 1199A SF 1199A