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Our final episode aired February 26, 2024. Thank you to our loyal listeners who tuned in over the past 18 years as we discussed topics ranging from benefits to finance to estate planning and everything in between. Archived episodes are still available on the Federal News Network website and via Podcast.

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February 26, 2024:  ForYourBenefit Farewell, with Tammy Flanagan, NITP Senior Benefits Director, Karen Schaeffer, CFP®, Marc Levine, Esquire, and Tom O’Rourke, Counsel

February 19, 2024:  Relocating and Downsizing in Retirement, with Herb Casey, Federal Retirement Specialist

February 13, 2024:  Estate Planning Without Estate Planning – How Joint Ownership and Beneficiary Designations Transfer Assets at Your Death, with Marc Levine, Esquire

February 5, 2024:  Financial Review for the New Year, with Brian Kurrus, CFP®


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